The Loneliness Street

In Loneliness street there was a puppy who attacked everyone that came close.

Whenever someone approached, He barked, growled, and threatened to bite.

The mischievous children teased the dog by throwing stones and pieces of wood, but that didn’t make the dog leave.

Zaira, who had recently moved into Loneliness street, watched from her window, people dodge the dog or throw objects at him.

She decided to do something. She went to the kitchen, took a piece of meat that was leftover from lunch, and went outside to where the puppy was.

When he saw her, he snarled and bared his teeth.

Zaira didn’t give up. She put the piece of meat on the floor and pushed it closer to the dog with a stick.

The dog sniffed, sniffed, and ate. So Zaira did it every day until the dog no longer barked when he saw her.

As time passed, Zaira realized that the dog was not angry. He just didn’t know what love was. Everyone who had approached him had hurt him in some way, either with words or by hitting him. The girl was the only one who never hurt him.

As time went by, the girl and the dog left the Loneliness street.

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