Dino & Gigi

Dino was a very scared little mouse. He was afraid of eating different foods, heights, water and was even more afraid of the dark.

His girlfriend Gigi was the opposite of him. She was brave, like to play on water, climbing trees, and love to try new foods.

Dino admired his brave girlfriend.

One day Gigi went out to pick berries in the forest, to make a nice Valentine’s Day pie for Dino. But she didn’t return.

Dino was desperate about the disappearance of his girlfriend. He decided to face his fear and go look for her in the forest. He put on his explorer outfit, grabbed some cheese, and ran towards the forest…and stopped, he couldn’t go in. The forest was so scary and he was terrified.

Shivering, Dino thought about Gigi and that she might be in deep danger. So he gathered all the courage he needed and bravely entered the forest.

Tiptoeing in, staring at the frightening trees, mosquitos and spiders he faced everything to look for his adorable Gigi.

He climbed trees and crossed the river. Up there in the top of a mulberry tree was Gigi stuck upside down by her tail. Dino, a big brave mouse, went up and saved Gigi.“I always knew you were brave Dino.”

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